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About Me.

They say cats have 9 lives. But I'm here to tell you I've had many, each one as unique and full of wonder as the dawn of a new day...


Did you ever ponder the mysteries of the ancient world and wonder if there existed a humanoid race before you and yours? Wonder why cats were so revered by the Egyptians and still, so seemingly above it all - so Zen? 


It's said that every few thousand years a Supernova explodes within the Earth's core and all that was, is no more... I'm living proof that there are still some secrets to unearth in this dreary world...


Profile Pic NFT.

As you may not yet be aware.. I am the brainchild of a dead-beat artist living in outback Australia. 


Me and all my 124 features were hand drawn by his tiny hands on a tiny phone screen. Each feature represents my many impetuous mood changes as I straddle a world between a completely destitute man-cat and potential NFT gigajillionaire.


My features were scrambled, much like that perfect Sunday morning batch of eggs. Except replace the pan with an algorithm and the eggs with my oh-so handsome features... So nothing like it really.


My flame is eternal and my variations boundless. But on Stashh, I offer you 278 of my spiritual embers.

Think of it as just the tip... Ahem.. Of the spear that is... 

Each NFT grants you access to our Scamp x You creators lounge.



Hacienda's all about the many moods and tones of yours truly. I might be at my grandpa's ranch hangin' with Bucky, or maybe I'm home chasing a spliff with a nice shot or two of vodka. Point is, I'm chillin' and so should you.

What do I do with a Scamp you ask? It’s art so flip it, stick it on the wall, pass it onto your grandchildren. NFTs are the vinyl of the future, so get a piece of Scamp nostalgia now. 


Odyssey is about amping up the wattage on Scamp's story.


Odyssey images are our most epically bodacious (and detailed) works - giving you the chance to experience some of the innermost depths of Scamp's soul.


Collect them, print them out, and escape to Scamp's often psychedelic, realms of both disquiet and ecstasy!

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